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Lite Delights Cakery


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Hi, I am Mai Johnson and I am the owner of LiteDelights Cakery. I am a fully qualified chef with nearly 25 years in the kitchen. Hghly  exprienced in Kitchen and Larder, and Professional Patisserie and Confectionery.

I enjoy cooking and baking, and I am passionate about healthy cakes and sweet treats. Especially as I love eating them. I created all my cake recipes a little healthier than traditional cakes and

sweet treats, with at least 30% less sugar and fat content. I also offer special dietary, gluten-

free, dairy-free, vegan and organic.

LiteDelights Cakery specialises in reducing sugar and fat in home-baked cakes for birthdays

and other celebration occasions. We use fresh ingredients, homegrown or local fruit, berries,

herbs, vegetables, flowers and free-range eggs to make fresh-to-order.

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